Brief history of Mullies Church.

The earliest ecclesiastical site in Mullies appears to have been at Killroosk burial ground in the townland of Cartronatemple.  The west wall is all that remains of this church.  It has a bullaun stone built into it.  According to tradition Mass was said at this site during the Penal years.  The 1837 Ordnance Survey map shows a Mass house in the townland of Shancorragh even though a church had been built at Mullies twenty years earlier.  Fr. James Maguran was the first curate to be appointed to the parish of Killasnett.  He was appointed in 1817 and with an extra priest in the parish, the Parish Priest Fr. Patrick McGowan  who was living in Mullies, set about having a church built there.  Fr. Thomas Curran was the last curate to reside in Mullies.  He was transferred in 1956.

The church which was built in 1817 served the people of Mullies for almost 100 years.  It was a T-shaped building and it was replaced by a new church in 1911. The Church of the Annunciation, which was built that year, was situated in front of the earlier church.  It was built while Fr. Patrick O'Reilly, a native of Kill, was parish priest.  Like Fr. Magauran in the previous century he too was curate in the parish before being appointed parish priest there. 

In 1974 major restoration work was carried out and the sanctuary was altered to facilitate the liturgical changes recommended by Vatican 11.  The church was re-dedicated by Bishop Francis MacKiernan on 13th October 1974.