Last Light Service 2010 in Manorhamilton

manor new year __31-12-10

They came not in droves but in twos and threes until they formed a sizeable throng at 4.30 PM just before sunset on 31st December 2010. The venue was the car park in Manorhamilton between St. Clare’s Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland. Their common purpose was to celebrate the last light of the first decade of the 2nd millennium since the birth of Christ and to usher in the second decade. The location was particularly appropriate, being adjacent to both churches, as this was an ecumenical service being celebrated by the Church of Ireland, Catholic and Methodist communities. 

            As  darkness descended the service was introduced by Rev.  Fr. Oliver Kelly P.P. Then the nativity hymn “O come all ye faithful” was sung with gusto by the congregation. Rev. James Stevenson read an Old Testament reading from Genesis, following which the people jointly intoned the Millennium Resolution:-

                                                            Let there be

respect for the earth,

peace for its people,

love in our lives,

delight in the good,

forgiveness for past wrongs,

faith in Christ

and from now on a new start.

Other readings were read by Rev. Fr. John McMahon C.C. and Harold Thompson. The congregation sang another hymn “He is Lord” and then recited the Lord’s Prayer which is common to all Christian denominations. Just at sunset everyone faced South towards Tullyskeherny and the cross on that hill suddenly exploded with light to signify a new decade and a new beginning for all Christians. 

 To conclude the proceedings the hymn “Be thou my vision” was sung to the heavens with spirited enthusiasm. Everyone then exchanged peace greetings and dispersed as they had come in twos and threes.